The Benefits

The benefits for these initiatives are multi-layered including being good citizens and neighbors in our community.

Environmental Stewardship
Water Conservation
Energy Efficiency
Healthy Soils
Responsible Pest Management
Wildlife Habitat Protection
Solid Waste Management
Air Quality Protection
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Higher Quality Grapes and Wine

The Process

It is important to have our winery and vineyards certified by their respective initiatives. The process varies by accreditation program and includes:  

► Annual Self-Assessment of best practices and Third-Party Audit with minimum thresholds met and/or exceeded.
► Sustainability Performance Metrics for Water, Energy, Nitrogen, and GHGs. Wineries must measure and record water use, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.
► Continuous Improvement. Action plans are required and audited to demonstrate adoption of sustainable practices.

Sustainability in Action

We built and posted more than 100 owl boxes suited to specific owls species to help with natural pest management (plus it is fun to watch their families grow!)

The Sonoma County Sustainably Grown Grapes logo on our wine bottles beginning in 2017 ensures wine lovers we are actively participating in certified sustainability programs.

Expanding job opportunities and housing for the Dutton Ranch vineyard crew.

As part of our Fish Friendly Farming, reduced erosion and soil loss plus improved water quality to support the biodiversity of the ecosystem in addition to coho salmon and steelhead trout.













More Examples in Action





► Implemented use of organic materials into our pest management programs as outlined by both the Sonoma County Sustainable and CSWA.
► Installation of artificial grass surrounding the Winery Tasting Room reducing water usage. Native plants and drip irrigation compound the water savings.
► A member since its early inception days beginning with Joe’s father, Joe Dutton has been a director since 2001 and is now president of the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District, a group dedicated to promoting healthy farming through a variety of projects including range management, conservation education, and watershed enhancement.

► Insulating winery tanks to improve energy efficiencies.
► Recycle all broken glass and corks plus repurpose used barrels for up-cycling opportunity.
► Collaborated with service providers so winery customers can easily return packaging for reuse.
► Our Winery Sustainability Project Manager is certified by the Wine Institute as an Ambassador in California Sustainable Winegrowing providing insight into the dynamic sustainability movement.



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