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Vineyard of the Month Video Series

April: Mrs. George Vineyard (Sauvignon Blanc)


Our second lot, canned on August 27th! The cider we make from our orchards is a wonderful blend of Gravenstein and Golden Delicious apples, that will make our guests never look at a hard cider the same way ever again. Being barrel fermented and only taking on the natural sugars of the apples we use, this is a crisp and refreshing beverage that is perfect for a hot summer day, or a cold winter night by the fireplace.


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Don't know if they like Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or Syrah or Sauvignon Blanc.  Maybe they are a Hard Apple Cider fan?  Dutton Dollars allows you to give them the perfect gift for their palate!

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Featuring Tracy Dutton and many others, in Wine Country Women of Sonoma County, Michelle Mandro introduces you to the diverse talents of a fascinating group of more than forty-five women who are making significant contributions to the diversity and quality of life in Sonoma County. A treasured family recipe, combined with an individualized pairing explanation from each Wine Country woman, makes this book a year-round, go-to guide for both casual and elegant entertaining.  Enhanced by gorgeous photography that takes the reader on a compelling visual journey, this book captures the soul of Sonoma County. Forging unique paths as tastemakers, entrepreneurs, advocates, trailblazers, nonprofit leaders, and role models, these accomplished women boast skillsets as diverse as the wine regions that have made this area one of the most desirable places to live, work, and play in the United States.

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