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Two Golden Vertical Flights

Love My Chardonnay
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"Love My Chardonnay" Includes:

  • 2020 Warren’s Collection Chardonnay
  • 2021 Warren’s Collection Chardonnay  •  94 Points "Editor's Choice" - Wine Enthusiast Magazine
  • 2020 Dutton Palms Vineyard Chardonnay
  • 2021 Dutton Palms Vineyard Chardonnay  •  90 Points - Wine Enthusiast Magazine
  • Dutton Estate Winery Logo Wine Key
  • Personalized Note
  • Shipping Included in Price

Love My Chardonnay is the perfect gift for the Chardonnay lover in your life! This delightful bundle contains two special vertical flights of Warren's Collection and Dutton Palms Vineyard Chardonnays. Our 2020 Warren’s Collection Chardonnay is a wonderful example of the classic Chardonnay, with bright fruit flavors and elegant, subtle tones of oak. It's the perfect way to start your vertical, with a classic taste. The 2021 Warren’s Collection Chardonnay is even more delightful, with a 94-Point rating of “Editor's Choice” from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. You can taste the balance of this bright and delicious wine.

The second half of the vertical features the 2020 Dutton Palms Vineyard Chardonnay, with its distinctively full, lush flavors. It’s the perfect companion and contrast to Warren's Collection. The 2021 vintage of Dutton Palms Vineyard Chardonnay really takes the cake, with a 90-Point score of “Excellent” from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Experience the full and ripe taste today!

In addition to these two wonderful vertical flights, Love My Chardonnay includes a Dutton Estate Winery Logo Wine Key and a personalized note to your recipient. Shipping is included with your purchase. Go ahead and Love My Chardonnay today, and experience the delight of a comparative vertical.