Tracy's Family Collection + Book

"Wine Country Women" book & a collection of wines close to Tracy's home and heart!

Tracy's Family Collection + Book
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In celebration of Tracy Dutton's birthday, the "Women of Wine Country Sonoma" book along with a collection of wines that tell stories close to Tracy's home and heart!


  • "Wine Country Women of Sonoma County" Book ($60 value)
  • 2020 Dutton Palms Vineyard Chardonnay  ($50)
  • 2019 La Familia Pinot Noir  ($74)
  • 2019 My Father's Vineyard Syrah  ($58)


"Wine Country Women of Sonoma County"

In Wine Country Women of Sonoma County, Michelle Mandro introduces you to the diverse talents of a fascinating group of more than forty-five women who are making significant contributions to the diversity and quality of life in Sonoma County. These accomplished professionals provide an intimate and inspiring glimpse into their life and work. A treasured family recipe, combined with an individualized pairing explanation from each Wine Country woman, makes this book a year-round, go-to guide for both casual and elegant entertaining.  Enhanced by gorgeous photography that takes the reader on a compelling visual journey, this book captures the soul of Sonoma County. Forging unique paths as tastemakers, entrepreneurs, advocates, trailblazers, nonprofit leaders, and role models, these accomplished women boast skillsets as diverse as the wine regions that have made this area one of the most desirable places to live, work, and play in the United States.


La Familia Pinot Noir

"The Kozlowski Family Vineyard is situated in the heart of the Russian River Valley, and a mile down the highway from Dutton Estate Winery. The Kozlowskis is the maternal side of my family, and the vineyard is owned by my grandmother, Carmen Kozlowski.  The vineyard was once the largest raspberry patch north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1950s and 1960s.  The property holds most of my childhood’s fondest memories!  Growing up in the Kozlowski Farms family business, picking fresh raspberries, apples, and making jam with my grandmother, (who is fondly called Mammy by her grandchildren), I learned the value of demanding work and satisfaction of earning money, at an early age.  The Kozlowski Family Vineyard is where my agricultural roots stem from and where I learned how the center of family can be created. When I thought to name this Pinot Noir from this special place, one name came to mind... "La Familia".  La Familia is family in Spanish, and as a nod to grandmother’s heritage from Malaga, Spain.  Mammy’s parents immigrated from Spain, and I was lucky enough to have had my great-grandmother, known as Mama, in my life for 26 years.  Mammy and Mama, the heart of my large and extended family, is who I think of when I enjoy a bottle of our Dutton Estate Winery La Familia Pinot Noir."  -Tracy Dutton.  ► Vineyard Video Tour


My Father's Vineyard Syrah

“My dad and my husband Joe planted this Syrah vineyard around my parents’ home in 2002.  My dad does all the discing on his John Deere tractor and Joe does the rest!  Before the inaugural vintage of 2006 we thought about what to call the vineyard and this new Dutton Estate Winery Syrah.  Joe’s idea was to call the vineyard, “Mi Siguero Vineyard” which is “My father-in-law’s vineyard” in Spanish... hence “Joe’s father-in-law”.  But everyone kept asking what Mi Siguero meant!  When the translation was said in English, the name of the vineyard did not have a connection to our brand – it felt too distant, and required too much in-depth explanation.  It was obvious to me what the name should be!  One Christmas we surprised my dad with the first inaugural case… he had no idea what wine he was opening.  He was so surprised and touched when he pulled out the first bottle and saw the label, “My Father’s Vineyard Syrah.”  -Tracy Dutton.    ► Vineyard Video Tour


Dutton Palms Chardonnay

"Dutton Palms is a special wine to me because the vineyard surrounds my home. Joe bought this property in 1990.  It was a vacant land with a farmhouse a barn and five beautiful palm trees.   His vision was to plant a chardonnay vineyard around the palm trees.   For a palm tree to produce dates, you need a male and female tree.  Dutton Palms has one male tree and four female trees and that signifies our family…  Joe, and then the four girls in his life, Kyndall, Kylie, Karmen and me.  Another reason why this vineyard and the palm trees are so special is because Joe proposed me to me underneath the palm trees!”  -Tracy Dutton.    ► Vineyard Video Tour

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