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2023 Club Calendar

Winter 2023

Level: All wine levels

Spring 2023

Levels: All wine levels, Core Cider

July 2023

Levels:  Sampler

September 2023

Levels:  Sampler, Core Cider 

October 2023

Levels: Collectors, Estate, Ranch

November 2023

Levels: Sampler


What to Expect


You will receive an announcement email when it's the season for your next club order. 

The email will include:

  • featured wines
  • dates for deadline, credit card charge and shipping
  • your login button to customize and/or add wines

Terms and Benefits



Collectors: 12 bottles • 3 times per year • Winter-Spring-Fall
Estate: 6 bottles • 3 times per year • Winter-Spring-Fall
Reserve: 4 bottles • 3 times per year • Winter-Spring-Fall
Sampler: 2 bottles • 5 times per year • Feb-Apr-July-Sept-Nov
Core Cider: 24 cans • 2 times per year • Spring-Fall


Collectors, Estate, Reserve: 3 completed club allocations
Sampler:  5 completed club allocations
Core Cider: 2 completed club allocations

Early Cancellation Terms

$75 fee charged in case of cancellation prior to fulfillment of commitment.

Visit Benefits

Varies per club level and season.

Wine Club Levels: Review current Tasting Experiences for current benefits

Core Cider Club: Two complimentary "Vineyard Garden Wine Tasting" experiences annually.

How to Reserve: When making a reservation on the CellarPass form use the email associated with your wine club to automate your benefits.  *Credit card may still be required even with $0 owed.

How to Use Your Discount

While signed in here to your member account, your discount with automatically apply as you shop.