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Our Winemaking

At Dutton Estate Winery, we create wines of place.  Our family delivers six generations of commitment and devotion to the land.  It all begins with the roots of the vines to provide the distinguished flavors of sustainable terroir in the glass.

Our philosophy and approach to winemaking and grape growing is a simultaneous connection between grape grower and winemaker. With superior grapes, a winemaker is the guiding hand that helps the fruit in the vineyard to become a wine it is known to be.  At Dutton Estate Winery, we believe if you have great dirt, you will have great wines.  “When meticulously farmed fruit from Dutton Ranch rolls into the winery, I become a steward of the grapes to craft a wine the Dutton’s have come to expect, while preserving the wine quality from my predecessor, Terry Adams. Taking over the winemaking duties from the Great Terry Adams, I knew I had some very large shoes to fill.  A larger than life man with a larger than life winemaking history, gave me reasons to count my blessings when Joe and Tracy turned to me when Terry retired,” says consulting winemaker, Bobby Donnell.   

 The philosophies the Dutton’s share with Bobby and Terry, is that less is more.  It is imperative to create the wine from the vineyard, to preserve the terroir of the site and to express the beauty of the Russian River Valley that surrounds us. Bobby states, “quality is everything we do at Dutton Estate Winery, from growing and harvesting the grapes, to selecting the right barrels and fermentation style for each single lot of wine.  It is truly simple and easy, great grapes makes great wine.”


Our Family

Our family is six generations of forward-thinking Sonoma County farmers. Joe and Tracy’s agricultural heritage is deeply rooted in Sonoma County, and wanted that same experience for their three daughters. Meet the Family.

Our Vineyards

Our prestigious fruit is derived from our family’s appraised farming operation, Dutton Ranch.  Our vineyards are located in the heart of Green Valley’s Russian River Valley, and just 15 miles from Sonoma Coasts’ Pacific Ocean. Explore our Vineyards.

Our Team

Surrounded by friends and family, Dutton Estate Winery has a warm group of winemakers, chefs and administrators who are dedicated to bring visitors the ultimate winery experience. Meet the Team.

Our Winemaking

The Dutton Estate winemaking team work hand in hand, sharing their commitment to allow the expression of the terroir from the selected estate family vineyards. Learn About Our Winemaking.